September 16, 2014

5 Reaons Why I'm Excited For Fall.

1. SWEATERS! Oversized especially. The great thing about them are that you can make them casual or dressy.

2. Leggings. These things are heaven to almost every girl I know. They literally go with everything and are so comfy, I have way too many pairs.

3. Scarves. I’ve always been a huge fan of scarves whether they are solid or prints! This year I think I’ll be more into the knitted thick ones. I’m really into the reds right now like cranberry and maroons.

4. BOOTS. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a shoe addict, its my weakness. I never shop at Charolette Russes unless it’s for shoes. They are always having deals like buy one get one for $15 or $10. I ALWAYS buy my shoes there an I just bought combat boots during the summer and CANNOT wait to wear them.  I’m really excited about getting a pair of booties too.

5. Fur Vest. Last year I know these were really popular and I have yet to get one. I’m determined to get one this year though! The boutique I work at is actually getting some this season so I’m super excited because I’ve never been able to find any that weren’t like ridiculously expensive.

What’s your favorite fall things?



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